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Inpatient Care

Addiction recovery plans designed around you.

Without a doubt, addiction can take over your life and have you feeling negative. You may be unsure of where to turn or feel upset by the effect it is having on your family.

You are NOT alone! We are here to help you beat your addiction using inpatient treatment that is both effective and simple.

If your assessment points to inpatient detox, then we create a custom-made treatment plan led by Dr. Von Stieff or Dr. Carpenter and the team at Center for Recovery. A typical plan includes:

  • An individual evaluation by Dr. Von Stieff or Dr. Carpenter
  • Non-addictive medication
  • Psychiatric care
  • 3-5 day detoxification
  • Educational and therapeutic classes
  • 24 hours a day monitoring and assistance
  • Care from compassionate, non-judgmental, and qualified team
All inpatient detox treatments are performed at John Muir Center for Recovery.

Our method involves treatment to avoid uncomfortable withdrawal and focuses on improving your physical and mental health. If inpatient care is the best option for you, you will be admitted to Center for Recovery where you will receive 24-hour support and supervision from our team.

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Detox in Concord, CA

Purify your body and soul at a comfortable, modern facility.

3-5 days of Detox in Concord CA
3-5 Days Detox
Detox in Concord CA - Dedicated Social Worker
Dedicated Social Worker
Detox in Concord CA - Personal Recovery Plan
Personal Recovery Plan

"Dr. Von Stieff is the most caring doctor I have ever had. He saved my life and has helped many other people I know. 5 stars doesn't even do him justice...I would give him 10 if I could!"

– Actual Von Stieff Patient

Your Questions - Answered

It is only natural to have an array of questions when it comes to addiction recovery. We are here to help provide you with the answers.

Detox Concord CA -
Here are our top 5 frequently asked questions:
What does your detox program include?
It covers the initial visit with evaluation, medications to detox for five days, and a follow-up visit where we will adjust medications as needed.
Does the physician use addictive medications to detox?
We use less addictive medications to help with the detox, which will only be used for a few days, such as Ativan and Phenobarbital.
Do you use suboxone or methadone for detox?
No, we do not.
When, during the detox, will I feel my worst?
Usually around 72 hours after your last use.
When will I start to feel better?
Usually around the fourth day and then 10% better each day after that.
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