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Let’s Take the First Step

The most difficult hurdle is asking for help. Our patient and compassionate team are here to jump over that first barrier with you.

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“I don’t know where to start.”
Deciding where to turn can be difficult. You need people who understand your situation, you can trust, and are skilled in helping you beat your addiction. We provide all three in one place.
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“I’m scared of getting sick.”
Being concerned about feeling very sick while detoxing is common. Our healthcare specialists will provide the medication necessary to prevent this. We will care for your physical and emotional needs during the process of sobriety.
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“I don’t think you can help me.”
We strive to help everyone regardless of background, age, or addiction. Our Concord office is fully equipped to assist you in your hour of need with treatments geared to your circumstances.

Your Addiction Recovery Experts

Meet your allies in full body health. Helping you be the best version of you.

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Dr. Fred Von Stieff

Uncovering the truth behind addiction.

Dr. Kristi Carpenter

Bringing positivity back into your life.

  • Trained in addiction medicine
  • Years of experience working with Dr. Von Stieff
  • Admits and cares for patients at the Center of Recovery
  • Residency at San Joaquin General Hospital
  • Board-certified family practice physician who enjoys working with families
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We Are Here for You

Our multi-specialist team brings an innovative scientific and humane approach to addiction medicine.

No Judgement

Everyone goes through difficulties in life. We are your go-to team for help and not judgment.

No Judgement

Mind & Body

Both your physical and mental needs require care during recovery. Both are prioritized during your treatment.

Mind & Body

Personal Care

You are treated like one of the family at our office with your comfort and well-being paramount to us.

Personal Care

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Addiction Specialists

Dr. Von Stieff has been voted in the top 1% of San Francisco doctors and has pioneered advancements in addiction studies.

Addiction Specialists

"He brings hope and understanding to caregivers and families alike who are struggling to understand what can be done to restore balance into the lives of people suffering with addictions."

– Actual Von Stieff Patient

Your Addiction Services

Learn more about our recovery treatments.

Inpatient & Detox

Comfortably guiding you through your addiction.

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Addiction Medicine

Giving the help you need, when you need it.

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Outpatient Care

Supporting you every step of the way.

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Visit Center for Recovery

Discover how you can get the help you need.

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