Outpatient Detox Care

Our addiction physicians offer recovery treatment to fit your needs and situation.

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Is outpatient recovery the solution for you?

After an assessment with our addiction specialists or when you have finished an inpatient recovery detox, then an outpatient program may suit you. These programs are designed to help you continue your recovery from an addiction and enjoy a long, healthy life.

Outpatient recovery is catered to your needs and includes a custom-made treatment plan. It may at times include detoxification at our office or Center for Recovery.

After your detox, the team at Center for Recovery offer educational programs to help your family cope with the effects of addiction. These classes highlight how they can assist you with substance abuse and how to support you and themselves moving forward.

Outpatient detox requires effort, but the rewards are worthwhile. You will receive a dedicated treatment team who will become your confidants and close friends.

We are proud to offer support to those in the Bay Area and nationwide.

Here is what a typical outpatient program at our Concord office includes:
  • An individual evaluation by our expert doctors

  • Personal treatment plan
  • Non-addictive medication
  • 3-5 days detox
  • Follow-up visit to discuss progress

Outpatient Aftercare at John Muir Center for Recovery

Whether it is your first step to recovery or you have been through an inpatient program, we stick by your side no matter what.

Concord Addiction Physicians - Education Is the Key
Education Is the Key
We provide support and teach coping skills, relapse prevention, and how to stay healthy.
Concord Addiction Physicians - Support Groups
Support Groups
At our weekly meetings, you will meet and learn from people who are recovering from addiction too.
Concord Addiction Physicians - Continuing Recovery
Continuing Recovery
Sometimes the road to recovery can seem long, but with us, you have friends to help you on this journey.
If you would like to learn more, then please contact us.

"When it comes to addiction and understanding, I cannot recommend anyone more than Dr. Von Stieff! There are a LOT of addiction doctors and few that are very good."

– Actual Von Stieff Patient

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common queries we get regarding our outpatient treatment.

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Get the answers to the questions that matter:

What happens during my assessment?
We conduct a brief phone assessment and then meet you in person. During this visit, we will get to know you and discuss the best form of care for you.
How long will my outpatient care last?
It all comes down to you as an individual. Everyone is unique. We work at your pace and focus on getting you 100% healthy.
Do I need outpatient care after my inpatient detox?
70% of people who have been through inpatient continue treatment through outpatient. This gives them the support they need to continued recovery. However, this is evaluated per individual’s circumstances.
When and where are the support groups?
We conduct them at our office or at the Center for Recovery: www.johnmuirhealth.com
How much does it cost?
$550 for outpatient detox, including medications.
Concord Addiction Physicians - Image of Dr. Von Stieff with a patient

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